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Despite its looks, this is no ordinary AK variant. The M+M Industries M10X International Defense Rifle uses design features from successful post-World War II rifles. Then, it combines them to deliver a high level of accuracy from the 7.62x39mm cartridge. It also maintains durability and reliability in a modern, easily adaptable modular form.

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Range Review: M+M Industries M10X

“The genius of the M+M Industries M10X rifle is in the parts count: 49, the same as the famously simple Sten MKII submachine gun. For comparison, the AKM has around 80 parts and the AR15 around 100.”

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AR15, AK47, and SCAR have a Baby: Meet the M10X World Rifle

“A gun review 2 years in the making has finally happened, and I for one could not be more excited! The M10X has finally arrived, and what timing! We rarely see true innovation in the firearms industry, and rarer still in 7.62×39. But this one is going to rock your socks off.”

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M+M Industries M10X International Defense Rifle

“The M+M Industries M10X ‘International Defense Rifle’ blends the typical ‘Eastern Block’ 7.62×39mm chambering with some of the best features of modern western rifles: the perfect revisiting of the AK platform for the 21st Century?”

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