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Advanced AK Style Pistol - M10-762 Series


The M+M M10-762 semi-automatic pistol features a chrome lined cold hammer forged barrel with a 14×1 LH threaded barrel, utilizing M+M Industries Chaos muzzle brake™. The M10-762 is fit fitted with new production lightweight polymer furniture including M+M Industries ergonomic pistol grip with a removable storage compartment. (Included with a 30 round AK magazine where legal.)


The M10-762 pistol handgun features forged components from the Cugir Arsenal in Romania. These components include the front trunnion, the bolt carrier, and the bolt. The barrel is also cold hammer forged and chrome lined for durability.

M10-762P Specs & Features


Model: M10 7.62P / AKM Pistol
Forged Trunnion, Bolt, Bolt Carrier, Barrel
Caliber: 7.62x39mm
Action: Long stroke gas piston with rotating bolt
Category: Kalashnikov Pistol


MO-MMIM10-762P – Black
M+M M10 762P MAGBLAK – Magpul Black
M+M M10 762P FDE – Magpul FDE
M+M M10 762P PLUM – Magpul Plum


Type Semi-Automatic
Finish Romanian Phosphate
Operating System Long Stroke Gas Piston, Rotating Bolt
Caliber 7.62 x 39mm
Components Forged trunnion, bolt, carrier. Stamped receiver
Magazine Included  1 Standard AK-47 Double Stack Magazine
Barrel 12" Cold Hammer Forged Chrome Lined (Pistol)
16.25" Cold Hammer Forged Chrome Lined (Rifle)
Muzzle Threaded 14-1 Left Hand
Hand-guard Polymer
Color Black
Overall Length 20.5 Inches
Weight 5.8 lbs


The M10-762 is an industry leader when it comes to a high quality AKM. This stamped receiver AK is built by the legendary Cugir Arsenal a part of Romarm in Romania. Romania is one of the most famous factories for AK firearms in the world and for very good reason. In 1963 Romania began producing their very own AKM variant the PM MD63 and shortly after the PM MD65. Romania had been given much of the Soviet tooling and technology needed to create their AK systems when they were a part of the Warsaw Pact. Romania was one of the biggest manufacturers and would make complete rifles for Warsaw Pact allies but also components and parts that would either be finished by another nation or finished per spec in Romania. Poland and East Germany would actually use many Romanian components to meet demand.

After the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Warsaw Pact Romania continued to produce outstanding quality AKM firearms for their customers and allies. The end of the Union did not mean the end of Romania, and the Cugir Arsenal expanded by making commercial rifles as well as military contract rifles. Romania introduced their export series the AIMS rifles which included AIMS-65, AIMS-75, and AIMS-90 AK variants. They also produced civilian commercial models with the WUM and ROMAK series of AK's. In 2010 Romania continued their civilian commercial line with the M10-762 and partnered with M+M Industries Inc. Romania utilized brand new components and forged components. M+M would fit the rifle variants with the proper 922(R) parts and nice modern furniture and accessories.

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