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Our Story - Origin of the M10X

The simplest solution is the best solution

After 21 years in firearms manufacturing and engineering, I noticed all the big guys were making guns more complicated. 

I did the exact opposite.
Michael Meier,

M+M Founder & M10X Designer

We Took Aim at the Firearms Industry

In 2005, Mike M and Mike L founded M+M Industries, driven by their belief that the right to self-defense should always be upheld. M+M quickly filled a market void with high quality imported firearms. M+M's Romanian production M10-762 showcased pioneering elements that changed the AK marketplace forever, and the subsequent M10X series continued this legacy, revolutionizing firearms design and manufacturing with adaptability at its core. M+M Industries stands as a testament to their pursuit of perfection and commitment to collectors and shooting enthusiasts.


We engineered and manufactured our firearms to ensure that the best possible tools for maintaining your rights and your freedoms were made available to you for far less than our old-school competitors charge for their more cumbersome, outdated models.

Of course, the first thing we thought about was ammo. What’s available around the world? What’s inexpensive? The answer could only be 7.62×39 – which, of course, fits into almost any AK magazine you could want. From there, we drew up a list of requirements:


Simple to operate.
Simple to assemble.
Simple to customize and upgrade.
Simple to clean, service or repair with common tools.
Simple to upgrade and adapt.
Simple to suppress.


You know you're holding something special. Inside, you'll find the same dedication to simplicity. No unnecessary parts. 

Maintence is simple. Even the ambidextrous charging handle can be switched in a matter of seconds with out tools.

Don't mistake simplicity for a lack of design.

You don't have to be a mechanical engineer to clean or maintain your gun. Quite the contrary, our firearms require no special tools to maintain. 


To provide our customers an American-made simple and reliable defense tool that they can count on to protect themselves, families, and freedoms.
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