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Magazine Release Lever Kit for AK/AKM 47 Rifles and Pistols


This is a significant upgrade for AK rifles of all varieties. Utilizing a proprietary design, it secures any AK-spec magazine more securely, and without problems such as wearing grooves in synthetic magazine lugs, which can result in snags when changing magazines. The kit allows most users to install this new Magazine Release with minimal tools.

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The M+M MRL Kit provides a solution to a common problem affecting the overall performance of the rifle, unnecessary “magazine wobble”. The AK’s magazine catch or lever can play an important role in the efficient operation of the firearm. Just like with mags proper, two guns’ levers are seldom exactly the same length and the receivers’ magwells can vary considerably—especially if they have been “opened up” to allow feeding from standard double stack magazines.

The MRL Kit eliminates wobble and helps mags feed more reliably. Why experience magazine wobble at all when you can easily eliminate with the MRL Kit.

Wondering if the MRL will fit your AK? Read more in the FAQ section.


-Material: 4150 Steel 
-Caliber: 7.62X39  



Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 2 in



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