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Trigger Group Locking Plate


M10X, AK, AKM Stainless Trigger Group Locking Plate

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M10X and AKM Trigger Mechanism locking plate, safety retention spring. 

This  multipurpose dual US made plate is made out of durable Stainless steel  and will securely hold in place your trigger group pins in your receiver. This part was designed for the M10X RIFLE for holding the trigger mechanism in place and providing the safety lever locking tab spring tension.    It also works on your stamped receiver AKM 47 variant,  replaces the shepherd-hook AKM Spring wire and makes working on your AKM an easy task. 

-Material: Stainless steel  
-Dimensions: 3x ¾  76.2 mm  
-Weight:  .25 Oz. (7g) 
-Compatibility: M10X All variants, ROMANIAN, POLISH, BULGARIAN, HUNGARIAN STAMPED RECEIVER Semi-auto variants

Commonly Asked Questions:

  1. Does this also fit my Stamped receiver AK ??   It will also fit most Soviet pattern AK Rifles such as the Polish AK, Romanian, Bulgarian and Hungarian variants.  Depending on the safety lever on the rifles sometimes some minor fitting might be required. 
  2. Does this part count as a 922r part?  No, it does not qualify as a compliance part even though it is US manufactured.


Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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