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The M10X offers serious shooters unprecedented accuracy, reliability, component interchangeability, and enduring value. When it comes to the best of all worlds, the M10X is here to deliver with the best AK-type gun available. With a focus on real world situations, the reliability and ubiquity at the heart of this platform is designed with refinements often lacking with guns of its class.

When looking for your next 7.62x39 semi-automatic rifle that can take AK pattern magazines, you can stop compromising features for function. The M10X delivers all of the upsides of the world's most prolific firearm, the AK, with a lot of the familiarity and function of America’s most prolific firearm, the AR.

So, why compromise modernity for ubiquity when you can have both? Firing the world's most popular round from a rifle with familiar and ambidextrous controls, with the most universal magazine, and the most standard accessory mounting system. All in one. The M10X.

M10-762 Romanian Import AKM Series

Imported by M+M Industries directly from the Cugir Arms Factory in Romania, our M10™ rifles and firearms are manufactured from brand new high-quality components. In the past, if a shooter wanted to have an AK pattern pistol, they couldn’t be sure what they would end up with. That’s not the case with the M10. Produced to the highest standards with all new parts, this isn’t the imported gun of yesterday. Our reliable, well built, and forged M10 guns. Enthusiasts searching for 7.62x39 semi-automatic rifles can confidently expect precision and power by choosing our firearms.

We also offer the M10-762P, a Romanian import semi-automatic pistol. This pistol combines the tried and tested cold war technologies of the East with more modern Western designs. The M10-762P features a 2” barrel with an M+M Chaos Break, and it is ruggedized for extreme wear and long durations of use. Explore the perfect blend of reliability and innovation with the M10-762P, setting a new standard for performance in a compact semi-automatic pistol.


No need to search for AK-specific optics mounts or furniture – we've got you covered. The 7.62x39 caliber semi-automatic rifle is equipped with a side-folding stock, a full-length optics-ready Picatinny rail, and standard 5/8x24 threading. This setup accommodates a wide range of modern components, allowing you to customize your rifle to perfectly match your task. Forget about multi-part side mounts, outdated clamp-on barrel mounts, or any other standard accessory – our rifle eliminates those problems.

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Explore our meticulously designed product lineup of semi-automatic rifles and pistols. For those looking for AK-type guns and other firearm components, choose M+M Industries’ premium defense products.
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