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M10X – Flatback rear Trunnion (M10X-P, M10X-Z, M10X Elite)


M10X-P Replacement rear trunnion
(M10X Flatback trunnion)

In stock


Flat back rear trunnion for the M10X Rifle or pistol. This flatback trunnion does not come with a stock. The surface area is 90 degrees and the disassembly button for the lower/upper receiver is exposed. This trunnion is casted from high quality T6 aluminum alloy and then hard anodized black for corrosion resistance.

The trunnion is seated into the lower where it will mate with the pistol grip hole, and the two torx screw holes. Prior to replacing your trunnion you need to put both black end caps inside the trunnion magazine then put the takedown button inside the trunnion hook side facing up. place the magazine inside the bottom hole and push the items into place. From that point you can screw your trunnion into your lower receiver assembly and add your pistol grip back on.


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in


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